About Us

Davindas is the ultimate destination for all your kitchen needs. This exclusive kitchenware shop houses custom made BBQ machines, cookers, electric appliances, glassware, tableware and more under one roof. Davindas is up-to – date with global culinary trends to offer you the finest kitchenware to match your taste and need. With over 3 decades of experience, Davindas has built many loyal customers through its outstanding customer service along with quality products.

Davindas has a manufacturing plant that produces industrial cookers, kottu and BBQ machines. It caters to a diverse customer base from luxury hotels to small-scale restaurants. With its exceptional after sale service along with the availability of spare parts Davindas is the go-to supplier for any restaurant kitchen.

The ethos behind Davindas is built around honesty and uncompromised quality. Our vision is to continue to innovate in the kitchenware industry to be the biggest kitchenware brand in Sri Lanka.

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